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Is your office in disarray? A trained and qualified HR /Admin can set things right in no time.

Find the most professional and experienced HR admins for your team, with us at Cognate. We are one of California’s top HR admin staffing agencies. We can partner with you to find qualified candidates who meet your organization’s unique requirements.

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Make your day at the office more fruitful with professional help

An experienced HR admin can bring your office to shape. At Cognate, we have a large pool of talented and qualified HR admins who can:

    • Organize your messy filing system.
    • Manage your office database and keep it up-to-date.
    • Share important head office & HR information with other departments as needed.
    • Schedule meetings & plan for corporate events.
    • Assist with payroll & leaves management.
    • Training Services
    • Use state-of-the-art HR software systems to run various HR programs.
    • Liaise with employees as required.

The candidates we source meet the most stringent specifications. We conduct a thorough background check of each candidate before suggesting them to you. This ensures you receive the cream of the crop.

HR admin roles we hire for

Our staffing specialists can help you fill the following HR admin roles:

      • Executive assistant
      • HR operations analyst
      • Administrative assistant
      • Senior administrative assistant
      • Data entry coordinator
      • Data entry clerk
      • Receptionist
      • File clerk
      • Travel desk assistant
      • Office manager
      • Payroll processor

At Cognate, we specialize in end-to-end recruitment. Our team of experienced talent managers and recruiters will take care of every aspect of recruitment, right from publishing your job descriptions online to assisting you with pre-onboarding activities.

Contact us for temp-to-hire

Investing in a full time employee is a very big commitment both in terms of money and time. With Cognate by your side, you can avoid these risks and enjoy the perks of having a talented candidate onboard.

As part of our HR admin staffing service, we also offer a temp-to-hire facility. Now you can test your new hire on-the-job and then handpick those who you wish to convert to a full-time role.

We follow industry best practices when hiring for temporary and temp-to-hire roles. You will be provided with a detailed background/reference report of your new temp, so you can take mindful hiring decisions.

In addition to temp-to-hire, we also hire for project/contract roles and part-time positions. Cognate is a specialist in remote hiring and we can help companies that operate partially or fully remote, find HR admins who have the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to discharge their responsibilities the right way.

Reach out to us to schedule a conversation with our specialists. sales@cognateinc.com

Are you an HR admin who’s looking for a job change?

Then don’t look any further. Cognate is a leading staffing company based out of San Jose, California. We have worked with hundreds of HR admin professionals, helping them find their perfect job.

Our clients include a variety of institutions such as:

        • Corporates
        • Not-for-profits
        • Healthcare centers
        • Hotels & resorts
        • Schools & colleges
        • Law firms
        • Government offices
        • Libraries, art galleries & museums
        • Entertainment venues & sporting arenas

Depending on your career preference and skill sets, we’ll help you successfully apply at and get a job in some of the leading companies in the country.

So give us a call today and get started on your fabulous career. Whether you’re looking for a job as an HR generalist or you wish to enter a skill-specific HR admin role, you can find your dream job with us.

We also specialize in remote, part-time, and contingent hiring. So if you’re not interested in a full-time HR admin role, we can help you find a more flexible work environment that better suits your needs.

Contact us for more information hr@cognateinc.com