Transforming business through technology

Businesses have realized that the digital revolution is here to stay. Never before have industries across the board felt the need to ‘adapt and adopt’ or risk getting left behind. For sustainable growth, particularly in a competitive industry, businesses are turning to technology as a competitive differentiator and value generator.

But there is one problem. Unless the right technology investments are made and implementations are effective, strategic benefits can be difficult to capture. The millions spent on IT projects can come to nothing if management is flawed and resources are inadequate. Research suggests that a large part of IT project failure can be traced to issues related to appropriately defining requirements, selecting the best vendors and implementing the necessary customizations, while some of the problems are related to business activities such as organization and process redesign.

How can we help?

Cognate has a solid trackrecord of helping organizations plan and deploy IT projects successfully. We combine our consultation and IT staffing experience to drive the effectiveness of IT projects even in the most demanding and complex business environments. Our associations with leading data management software providers allows us to provide industry-leading systems with a reputation for providing measurable business value.

As your consulting partner, we provide the following services:

  • Strategic advice all through planning and implementation, extending to support for all your existing processes and systems. We’re passionate about finding creative solutions to unique business challenges.
  • Explaining the value of software solutions and contextualizing benefits in relation to your organization. We clearly communicate the returns of the recommended technology investment in terms of revenue growth, customer engagement and acquisition, risk management and competitive differentiation.
  • We familiarize you with industry best practices, share our knowledge and deliver critical insights that aid the effective understanding and large-scale adoption of new technology solutions.
  • We connect you to qualified, cost-effective resources that serve as important assets for your IT projects, freeing your time to focus on other strategic areas of your business.

We leverage our core capabilities to exceed your expectations. Our state-of-the-art offshore facilities and long-standing relationships with expert IT resources have been invaluable in delivering cost and scalability advantages to clients. With Cognate, all bases are covered and everything goes like clockwork. We operate to a strict code of ethics, take accountability for our actions, and always work with your best interests at heart.

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