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Candidates looking for jobs

Many of our clients include Fortune 500 firms as well as well-funded startups. As your trusted advisor, we match the opportunities to where you’re at in your career and where you want to go. Whether seeking a long or short-term contract assignment, permanent placement, or a contract to permanent position, Cognate uses its IT talent management expertise to find the right assignment for your IT career trajectory. Your capabilities, work experience, and career goals drive our search. We serve as your trusted advisor!

By partnering with Cognate, you will:

  • Enhance your career
  • Access a variety of work
  • Improve chances of a permanent hire
  • Grow your brand
  • Expand your professional network
  • Gain valuable experience
  • Earn more


Trusted Advisors

At Cognate, working with a client base of Fortune 500 and well-funded startups, we provide paths to your career goals. We find positions where you can strengthen your skills, learn new domains, work on emerging technologies, and advance your career at an accelerated pace. Our highly specialized recruiters work as your brand ambassadors to communicate your unique value to clients.


Many of the companies we work with include Fortune 500 firms and well-funded start-ups. Cognate is specialized in IT across multiple industry sectors.


Cognate supports your quest for:

  • Long or short-term contract assignment
  • Permanent placement
  • Contract to permanent position

Resume Preparation / Interview Tips

We review your resume to ensure it connects with hiring managers. For example, we will help with formatting, resume content, and how to use your resume to best position yourself for your next career step. We coach on interview preparation and how you can influence the offer you want to receive. We will also let you know about any constructive feedback received regarding the interview process.

Training and Development

Cognate offers IT industry-leading training and development programs.

H-1B Immigration

We also help with H1 filing and green card processing because we have the expertise and experience to ensure timely and cost-effective immigration services for our employees. Cognate operates in compliance with the laws and regulations that govern the immigration process. All personal information obtained from candidates is used for job application, job transfer application, and other related purposes only. Contact our immigration department for more info and benefits details.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site does not constitute legal advice and is intended only for the purposes of providing Cognate employees and prospective employees with a general overview of the immigration process. Any immigration matters that directly involve Cognate should be referred to the Cognate Immigration Department. Readers are cautioned not to attempt to solve personal immigration problems on the basis of information contained on this site and are strongly advised to seek competent legal counsel when confronted with an issue relating to the immigration process.

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